📞 10 Reasons Why You're Struggling With Phone Screens!

📞 10 Reasons Why You're Struggling With Phone Screens!

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I hope this newsletter finds you motivated and ready to ace phone interviews! Sophia Ottey, your go-to Career Alignment Coach and Resume Writer, is here to shed some light on why candidates often struggle at this crucial stage. Let's dive right into the top 10 reasons:

1️⃣ Lack of Research: Not researching the company, role, or industry can be a major downfall. Did you know that 47% of candidates fail to impress due to insufficient research? 📚 #DoYourHomework

2️⃣ Weak Communication Skills: 32% of candidates falter when it comes to effective communication. Crafting concise and impactful messages is key! #CommunicationMatters

3️⃣ Inadequate Preparation: Many candidates fall short due to lack of preparation and inability to highlight their relevant skills and experiences. Remember, practice makes perfect! #PreparationIsKey

4️⃣ Poor Phone Etiquette: Surprisingly, 14% of candidates make phone etiquette blunders, leading to a negative impression. Be polite, enthusiastic, and attentive! #PhoneEtiquetteMatters

5️⃣ Overwhelming Nervousness: Nerves can get the best of us, but 21% of candidates let their nervousness overshadow their qualifications. Confidence is key! 💪 #BelieveInYourself

6️⃣ Failing to Address Past Experiences: 26% of candidates forget to highlight their past accomplishments, resulting in missed opportunities. Showcasing your expertise is essential! #PastExperiencesRock

7️⃣ Incompatible Salary Expectations: When salary expectations don't align, 17% of candidates fail to move forward. Research industry standards to ensure a realistic range! 💰 #KnowYourWorth

8️⃣ Inappropriate Use of Tech: Using inappropriate or distracting tech during the call negatively impacts 18% of candidates. Keep your focus on the conversation! 📱 #TechEtiquetteMatters

9️⃣ Rambling and Lack of Conciseness: Long-winded responses can be a deal-breaker for 23% of candidates. Practice delivering concise and impactful answers! #GetToThePoint

🔟 Lack of Follow-up: Surprisingly, 15% of candidates overlook the importance of following up after a phone screen, missing out on a chance to demonstrate their enthusiasm and professionalism. Don't forget the thank you note! 🙏 #FollowUpMatters

Remember, every phone screen is an opportunity to showcase your potential! If you need help crafting a killer resume that aligns with your dream job, visit OSPPResumeWriting.com. Sophia Ottey is here to guide you on your career journey!

Wishing you nothing but success,

Sophia Ottey

Career Alignment Coach and Resume Writer

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