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LinkedIn Optimization (5 Days)

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Recruiters always look for talent. Update your LinkedIn profile.

If you're open to new job opportunities, a great way to start is by using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a top job search and candidate seeking tool used by recruiters, employers, and job seekers all around the world. 

Package Includes:

  • Optimization: Specialization of your profile with search engine optimized keywords for attracting recruitment managers.
  • Professional Summary: An enticing summary that captures who you are, what you are doing, and what you want from your career.
  • Descriptive Narration: A first-person narrative profile that showcases your professional personality.
  • Current Contact Information: Up-to-date calls to action.

How to Begin

  1. Place your order through our site.
  2. Fill out the OSPP form sent to your email address.
  3. Send any jobs of interest along with your current documents.
  4. Receive your profile revamp within 5 business days.
  5. Provide 1 set of revisions including feedback or any changes you'd like to make.
  6. Receive your final copy by the next business day.

We'll save you the extra editing time and stress that comes along with jobhunting.


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