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Federal Resume- From Scratch/Rewrite (Microsoft Word)

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Each document is built from scratch utilizing the information you've sent over (Resume, OSPP Form, and Job Links).

Get noticed faster.

Become recruitment candy.

Searching for a;

  • Senior Position
  • Higher Salary
  • Relocation
  • Better Benefits
  • Industry Change

Today’s job market has become highly competitive. Represent your worth with our resume revamp service.

What's the process?

  1. Place your order through our site.
  2. Fill out the OSPP form sent to your email address.
  3. Provide your positions of interest (specific job links)
  4. Schedule your introductory call.
  5. Receive the first draft within 5 business days of your introductory call.
  6. Provide 1 set of revisions including feedback or any changes you'd like to make.
  7. Receive your final copy by the next business day.
  8. Receive our "Land Your Dream Career in 30 Days" guide.

    Our services nail new positions within weeks. We'll save you the extra editing time and stress that comes along with job hunting.

    Utilize our dropdown to select more than 1 resume. Provide additional insights within the notes section of your cart.


    Additional Information:

    Each document is delivered in PDF and MS Word format (ONLY).

    The pictures within this product will NOT BE your customized format.

    We will choose and create the template that works best for your industry.

    The delivery date starts after your scheduled introductory call.

    Once an order is placed, the service begins.

    Once an order is placed, please check your email for the next steps. The email subject line is "Welcome OSPP Client".

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